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Time Capsule

UI/UX Design - Inception to launch

Time Capsule is a collaborative tool designed to provide seniors and their families an easy way to capture, organize and share a living legacy for the future. By preserving a lifetime of wisdom, memories, traditions and more, family histories are immortalized through text-based stories and photos. Family members work together or individually to create "time capsules" that can be kept private or shared.

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The Challenge

Create a new proprietary in-app feature from inception to launch that considers an elderly user group and adheres to the pre-existing and evolving mobile UI. Develop a solution that considers: ease of creation, collaboration, sharing, longevity, privacy and security. User content will include photos, videos, text and audio. Feature will be supported on multiple device sizes and platforms including iOS and Android.

My Role

As the sole designer on this project, I was responsible for driving the creative vision, building out the designs and leading the internal agile development team to product launch. I conducted user research and competitive analysis. I produced sketches, wireframes, and mockups. I delivered final assets, supervised development, verified the live product, and iterated for multiple rounds.

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Time Capsule was conceived from the beginning as a feature addition to the pre-existing Connected Living mobile app. However, the project was developed as if it were a stand-alone product. After conversations with stakeholders, customers and internal teams, the north star of the creative brief included:

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• Capture content easily
• Organize intuitively
• Create & share collaboratively

Competitive Analysis 


A basic competitive analysis was performed to gauge which features were included on several comparable apps. Of the apps reviewed, only

two were designed specifically

for seniors.

time capsule_competitive analysis.png

UX Product Roadmap

Based upon the competitive analysis data, further interviews with customers, and leadership direction, list of potential Time Capsule features were identified. From this, the V1 product roadmap was organized into 3 categories



Using feedback from executive leadership and internal departments, rapid sketch iterations were used for directional discussions. Through collaboration and teamwork, screens and navigation were developed that would meet many of our initial goals. The sketches were then shared with current customers for additional feedback.

wireframe sketches.png
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Lo-Fi Wireframes

With tight time constraints, we focused exclusively on low-fi wireframing of high-impact screens. These wireframes were used to review and convey functionality with development team. This provided enough direction to communicate the design to the necessary stakeholders and still hit the deadline.

UI Design System

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With the constraints of time and budget, high fidelity mockups were converted to prototypes for internal review and interation. The approved prototypes became a V1 release used for iterative rounds of quantitative and qualitative user testing. 


In order to understand how users were engaging with the new app feature, we monitored adoption and interactions. This information, paired with data collected from ongoing user testing and customer feedback, provided opportunities for iterative design changes.


After a three-year life cycle, Time Capsule was ultimately retired from the Connected Living mobile app due to lack of user adoption. Ongoing user feedback revealed that the omission of several integral functionalities including voice-to-text made the product difficult to use.  Limited resources and prioritization restricted the V1 product to "quick fixes" and never resulted in a successful V2 launch.

Learnings from Failure

Hindered by an unrealistic development timeline and no clear V2 strategy, Time Capsule suffered from an inadequate feedback loop and poor responsiveness. 

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